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About Patient Tracker

Patient Tracker began its development late in 2004 when it became apparent that there was no independent, secure and easy to use database system that would suit school nurses.

Key to the functionality was the ability to securely store students medical data away from any mainstream systems where it would be easily accessible to the medical team.

The system should be able to import from any number of external student database sources, but be independent so that any school MIS system changes would not result in the loss of the investment in medical data entry.

Several technologies were investigated, and we finally decided on the Microsoft .NET platform with SQL Server as the storage vehicle.

Web based functionality was explored, but we felt that while convenient for access it didn’t offer the same levels of security and availability as a Windows based application .

Why Choose Patient Tracker?

  • Data securely stored on your network - not on the web.
  • One time licence charge - no high ongoing costs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Continuity of care.
  • Inoculation tracking.
  • Care plans.
  • Statistical reports (e.g. how many sports injuries).
  • Training and assistance from registered school nurses.
  • Can link to external documents on your network.
  • Established UK wide user base.
  • Locally executed - no dependency on external parties.

Fully functional 45 day trial available at no charge

  • Why not try Patient Tracker out in your own school and in a real-world environment?
  • We will work with your IT Team to install the system at no extra charge.
  • On completion of the trial period all data is kept so you simply license the software and continue using it.
  • We will supply a template to export to from your MIS so no need to enter all students manually.