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Patient Tracker – A Brief History

Patient Tracker began its development late in 2004 when it became apparent that there was no independent, secure and easy to use database system that would suit school nurses.

Key to the functionality was the ability to securely store students medical data away from any mainstream systems where it would be easily accessible to the medical team.

The system should be able to import from any number of external student database sources, but be independent so that any school MIS system changes would not result in the loss of the investment in medical data entry.

Several technologies were investigated, and we finally decided on the Microsoft .NET platform with SQL Server as the storage vehicle.

Web based functionality was explored, but we felt that while convenient for access it did not offer the same levels of security and availability as a Windows based application .

iSAMS Partners
Early this year we became iSAMS partners.

This means that for schools running iSAMS we can directly integrate with their student data (read only) and automate the import of new and updated student details.

This is a really exciting development that will hugely streamline data import.

Boarding Module
We are delighted to announce the release of the Patient Tracker “BoardingĀ  Module” in April 2017.

What does it do? It brings together your daytime nursing / healthcare staff and out of hours boarding staff through a shared database where boarding staff have sight of enough information to make medication decisions. They are then able to submit their own consultations without the need to access highly confidential data.

These consultations are inserted into the same (common) database used by the daytime staff. This gives your school the ability to seamlessly share information and offer complete continuity of care.

To find out more and to book your demonstration please get in touch. A 45 day trial of this module is available on request.
(Existing users will be offered a substantial discount on boarding licenses, linked to volume.)